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 R/V No Rehearsal - Hank Harms Designer / Owner
 This research vessel was a two year project to design a solar powered research platform that used photovoltaic cells to charge a bank of batteries that were installed so as to serve as the vessels ballast. By remote control the back deck would raise (like the Holo Kai) and extend into the water to launch and retrieve a twin turboprop plane owned by Hank Harms and family. It would also carry a 23 offshore fishing boat in the same manner.

The CALYPSO CLIPPER will be the primary vehicle to be carried on the deck of the R/V No Rehearsal. It is capable of ferrying researchers between land based runways and the R/V No Rehearsal research platform. (Video quality reduced for Internet transmission.) Watch the video for a brief animation of the ramp extending to unload the Calypso Clipper.

WMV video of the ramp system concept unloading the Calypso Clipper (click here)   (You will need the WMV codec and sound for this video)
If you can not watch the video animation of the sequence for unloading the plane the following stills represent the same motion with the reverse being true for loading. These images also have comments on the larger pictures and replace the previous 6 page PDF loading sequence. (Click each picture for a larger view.)









Following are the current drawings as of 10/24/05. Return to this page for updates as they become available.
In order to access these files you will need Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. If you are not familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader please see below.
98 RV NR Rework Model (3).pdf - Newest revisions effective 10/24/05. All recent changes plus - Shuttle Rack was converted to Full Grill Ramp and no chamfer on stern. Also see the video above for animated sample of unloading sequence.


Hamilton HM-651 with Siemens 85kW motors on a Sipco "V" Drive - Using these 3D models extrapolated from different OEM drawings we can get a better feel for the size of the drive unit relationship between the motors and jets. (Click Any Picture)
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