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Trade Show Display Example - April 2015
If I worked in a production house I would have access to a full library of pre-made models and background images with detailed products all designed to support custom trade show booth development. Since I don't have access I have to be creative and use some of the models I already have, create some new ones, whip them all together, and set the render engine at medium to keep the old computer from crashing. Here is a brief walk through of projects I developed this past week.

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Portable Dynamic Positioning System
The PDPS was developed and patented by Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. in Houston headed up by Joe Bekker. It is a system where very powerful thrusters are used but powered using diesel engines in self contained housings to power hydraulic pods that are underwater at the end of a steerable stem. I made this video years ago working for Thrustmaster using some footage I had acquired before going to work full time for the company.

A Two Year Project With A Hurricane To Boot
updated: August 2014

With an ever expanding global customer base and plans to open new offices around the world Thrustmaster products were becoming larger and more sophisticated. As Project Manager over construction of the factory and office I met numerous challenges head on. A hurricane, a hazardous waste cleanup site, and a neighbors dispute with a MUD which made us switch gears midstream to install wells, septic, and a fire pond. The company was growing by leaps and bounds and this meant a broader. ...

Documentary Footage
by: Charles Rob Watson
updated: February 2015
A few years ago O/O Rob Watson signed on as a crew member of the Holo Kai and was commissioned to document the first leg of an around the world journey that would take years to finish. The footage depicted herein is mostly screen captures from the raw footage that was turned over to the owner to use when the voyage was over. The target was (TM) Discovery Channel.

3D CAD Accurate Objects and Imaging Solutions - As you open this page you might notice that the first image is the one used in the Thrustmaster video. Scrolling down you will see a variety of other 3D images that were developed for different types of projects. Each of those images can be exported to an engineer in Australia or Austria and when they open them in AutoCAD, the object can be dimensioned 1:1.

82 foot Coastal Trawler Yacht - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
82x22 Coastal Trawler Yacht - The concept of this steel hull and aluminum superstructure trawler design is to carry the owner, guests, and a rather large fishing boat on the sport fishing tournament circuit. This newest vessel also marks our transition into lofting the full 3D image rather than starting with 2D plan views.
This design is contract customizable for your personal preferences as no internal structures exist..., until you are ready.

Private Steel Voyager - This design started as a 2002 collaboration with Chris Kennedy and was promoted in Ft. Lauderdale and through PassageMaker magazine. This vessel was built by Chris Kennedy of Kennedy Ship and Repair, LP in Galveston. As noted on this page some of the features of this robust vessel where carried over from the P/V Enforcer and is currently home ported in Linz on the Rhine. She is now underway and posts to a Blog as they travel around.

44 foot patrol boat - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
P/V Churchill - Being able to develop 3-dimensional images and illustrations of existing objects is one thing. But, to develop plans and promote ideas from scratch..., ideas that actually result in million dollar projects is on an entirely different plane. This concept and deck plans is the result of a collaboration between Watson Enterprises and Kennedy Ship and Repair. Here are the results of that collaboration... in real life. (Please Close That Window When Finished)

Examples of Yacht Refit and Retrofitting. - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Refit Planning - In order to show the visual impact of the changes to be made in refit this vessel would need a CAD accurate model developed, however, the new owner did not have possession of the original CAD files. After arriving in Galveston at the Kennedy Shipyard it was photographed and detailed measurements were taken. The drawings were lofted in a 3D CAD program and once the client was satisfied, they were sent to the naval architect to use for developing construction plans.

Research Vessel No Rehearsal - Long before President Obama sought to use alternate energy solutions Watson Enterprises and entrepreneur and business owner Hank Harms set out to design a vessel that would run on solar or diesel power. Designed to house research teams in comfort the No Rehearsal was a unique idea that sought to work with nature while standing up to open ocean work. The key factor, it would carry an airplane 33ft with tuna tower on the tilting back deck.

50' Shallow Draft Landing Craft - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
50' Shallow River Landing Craft - The request we responded to by the Alaska Department of Interior was for a vessel to be shipped overland or by sea carrier.
The requirement was for a shallow draft vessel that could be parted off into pieces and carried on trucks, to ferry heavy loads such as road graders or vehicles to be offloaded in remote locations throughout the Alaskan interior.

Presenting The Conceptual Idea - Pulling a thruster to inspect the condition of the gears is extremely expensive no matter how you do it. Do it at sea while continuing to drill or do it every five years when you come into dry dock for a scheduled refit and overhaul, it is expensive and time consuming. Thrustmaster engineers came up with a way to do it and I presented their idea along with a way to interface the equipment. This short video goes through the steps and required building a set of helical gears in 3D. Unfortunately, at the time I had a 32 bit computers so I was limited at the time in my ability to process the visual accuracy of the gear faces, but the focus was on the ideas and less about the quality of the image. MPEG video.

AutoCAD Drafting Parts and Assembly Drawings = For Alberth Aviation. The parts on this page were sent as scans of shop drawings where I converted them to AutoCAD drawings for production. See the comments on that page. This assembly, the Tire Pressurization Cage is also shown in a short video here.

© 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson EnterprisesThese Videos and 3D Plans are all work for clients. We are currently working on projects under contract that do not permit our showing but feel confident that these small samples can clearly show our ability to make your video or conceptual project come alive.
Please keep in mind that Watson Enterprises is doing the videotaping, scripting, photography, CAD drafting and 3D lofting, animation sequences, graphics, website development and live posting.

Link to Watson Enterprises 2007 Demo.wmv - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Our Demo Video - This is a comprehensive presentation of some of the projects we worked on. It is intended to show our ability to develop a video including interviews, real design projects, images, 3D animations, and music and voice-overs to run on DVD or CD. You will also see examples of how our CAD level concepts became real world vessels and products.
If you would like the full size DVD or CD sample please give us a call or e-mail. We can do it ALL!

Thermoprobe TP7 Video Production - Several years ago working with a person with contacts in API related industries we had a wonderful opportunity to arrange for training videos to be made for a series of products. This is one of those videos we did for nearly free just to get our feet in the door. The Thermoprobe TP-7 Intrinsically safe thermometer can be lowered into hydrocarbons and collect and record temperatures and other data without worrying about a spark setting off the gasses we deal with in the O&G industries.
Sometimes projects fall with the price of oil. Sometimes they fall with the price of misunderstanding.

Product Demo - Made in our early days, when we first started using the analog system. There were several variations of this video made. When we could not obtain actual photo's we made graphics and what ever it took. Two versions were made to cover a screen printers trade show in New Orleans and later to send out as CD distribution media.

M and M Design Sports Graphics - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
M & M Design - One week before the sales staff left for an industry trade show in California they decided that they needed a video on CD to compliment their paper brochures. Setting up our Mobile Production Unit editing studio outside their facility we put this video together in four days. One of the biggest challenges was the animated graphics. We had to digitally photograph or scan and clean-up and then animate a lot of the graphics. Again, this was with our analog studio. We now use a complete digital video suite.

Hermetic UTI Meter - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Hermetic UTIMeter Rtex - If you review the video for Thermoprobe above you might notice a similarity with the "actor". We shot some of the footage for both products at the same time. When not, we made sure that the actor had on the same clothing down to his socks to that we could mix footage from different products. As a matter of fact, the segment of him looking into the end of the device and checking the cleanliness of the nipple was shot for an entirely different product that just happened to have the same ends.

Specialty Diving - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Speciality Diving - When you get a call you go. That's it. We pulled our Mobile Production Unit next to an airport hanger, met with the principals, took the video and pictures they had and plugged an extension cord into one of the old buildings. That night we produced this video and hand delivered it just in time to take it to a meeting with Chevron the next morning. No voice over, canned music, generic graphics. But, they got the job.

Link to Kevin Hutchins.wmv - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Music Video - The Eagles are due to play in Houston. Even though the band doesn't show their equipment is set up and ready to go so the schedule quickly changes. Give just a few seconds (literally) to plug our camera into the sound board we capture local talent, Kevin Hutchins with the Texas Longneck Band giving this performance. Trust me. After hearing Kevin and the band there weren't too many wanting their money back. (Note the cowboy hat dancing by. That guy was TALL!)

Hermetic GTX Chem - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Hermetic GTX Chem - What do you do when you don't want to use a real chemical that might cause harm during a video shoot? Use Gatorade!... and a lot of graphics. (Note that we reused the opening from above on this video as we did half a dozen others.)

Hermetic Training Video - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Hermetic Component Replacement - When reviewing a training tape one of the first things we do is advise your client base to have the product in front of them and have a way to stop and start the video so they can go through it step by step. That was stated on the CD but not in the video. Again, same intro.

2d to 3d Concept Animation - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
2D Drawings to 3D Concept Animations - This short clip shows us using 2D prints and developing them out as 3D animations.

Link to 3D Concept Design - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Recovery Barge - Powered by 4 Thrustmaster OD-300 Hydraulic Outdrives using PDPS, the Recovery Barge is a fast build. The cargo containers can be modified for housing, storage, laboratory facilities, and can be built without having to wait for the barge to be constructed. The gantry crane show is an option, or, can supplement the deck crane which can reach through the center knockout or over the stern to deploy the skiffs or jet ski's.

Link to 3D Object conversion to Acrobat PDF formats - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
AutoCAD to PDF Format - We can take your idea, make an AutoCAD drawing, and then use the resulting PDF document to convey the concept to your friends around the world, to millions who don't have AutoCAD on their computers, or prepare the drawing for insertion into professional magazines or distribution on web sites. Not just the drawing, but versions and variations like you've seen in professional publishing.

Documentation of the processes - © 2010 - C.R. Watson, Watson Enterprises
Documentation - Within 5 minutes (or 5 years) of an event you can have your images posted on a web site and still be able to use them for magazine ads or video productions... if you do it right.  This is just one of many projects we documented for Kennedy that helped continue bringing in projects over the years because between each picture there might be as many as a few dozen, to hundreds more to use without concern for copyright infringement.  We can do the same for you!

Manufacturing Engineering PPT - Converted to PDF for transfer. The original PPT was 70mb. This PDF is 2.84mb. The quality of the images did suffer but the content is intact. You can click the icon, wait until it is fully loaded to your computer, and then Save As... to your computer. Or, you can right click the icon and select to download the product. If you have any problems email me at and tell me your problem and what OS you are using. That may be why you can't find the download option.
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